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Posted by : humas

Mangrove Edu Ecotourism by LATUN

Please welcome to our new plantation location.

Marine Nature Conservation for the Country (LATUN) is an official association (legal entity) in Indonesia that is concerned with efforts to manage Indonesia's coastal and marine resources in a sustainable and participatory manner. This is based on concerns about the condition of the sea and the status of coastal communities who use coastal and marine areas together with various interests. The more pressured by various human activities, the more threatened by the pressure of development. Meanwhile, the management pattern carried out is still not effective. The Indonesian people cannot and should no longer stand idly by. The capacity and resources are more than sufficient to be able to protect Indonesia's coastal and marine resources. It is time to work hand in hand, move together, care for, manage and guard Indonesia with the spirit of red and white and mutual cooperation towards the welfare of local communities in sovereign coastal and marine areas. Various strategic initiatives are needed that can encourage and harmonize various actions and movements in the field that have been separated so far, becoming the collective contribution of the nation's children to better manage Indonesia's coasts and seas.

Marine Nature Conservation for the Country (LATUN), tries to be a strategic partner. LATUN was founded on March 1, 2018 by several Founders, namely Ari Anggoro, Riki Rahmansyah, Eko Sumartono, Marsellina Fitri and Bayu Syahrera in Bengkulu. LATUN is projected to stand in the middle, not to be a mouthpiece or an accomplice to the government and not to be a party to blindly criticizing all government policies and programs. LATUN chooses to be a constructive reminder for the government, and related parties through its various actions, as well as being a working partner to encourage strategic best practices in sustainable and sovereign coastal and marine management.

Find out more about our initiatives related to mangrove conservation on our website: